Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do You Appear???

Have you ever watched the TV show COPS? Do you remember the police fighting with a suspect yelling, “STOP RESISTING! STOP RESISTING!!!” Do you know why police officers do this? It serves two purposes,
1. It gives the suspect the command to stop fighting and comply with police orders. 
2. To tell everyone around you that the only reason we’re doing what we’re doing is because of the suspects resisting.
Face it, if everyone did what the police said there be a dramatic drop in use of force. Of course you have those officers that can go into a Catholic Church, and get into a fight with the Priest and Nuns. However, I’m not talking about that kind of Officer, the by the book honest officer is what I’m talking about.
Police use their voice to give commands to suspect, and to inform the witnesses around them of what they’re doing is because of the suspects resisting. This is something you as martial artist and Combatives people need to do as well.
Think about it, you have the tough guy yelling at you saying he going to Kick Your Ass with his fists clichéd try to scare you into running. You stand your ground and say in a loud firm voice so bystanders many hear you, “Please, I don’t want to fight! Please leave me alone!” You do this with your hands up in front of you, hands open and palms facing to the tough guy. This will give you a submissive appearance while really being in an aggressive position. With your hands up palms facing your attacker might look submissive, but one quick close of your hands and you’re in a fighting position.
Continue to tell the attacker and everyone around you that you don’t want to fight, and please leave you alone. I’ll even lower my body to give me more of an appearance of being afraid and submissive. This really gives me a chance to lower my center of gravity, and to be able to springing forwards into my attacker surprising him. The attacker and the people around you see you as being scared, and submissive which is what you want. Go even as far as retreating backwards a few steps.
Once the Attacker is in range, explode on them with the most fierce, and brutal assault as you can. This will take the attacker by surprise because he saw you as a victim, but you really see him as your victim. When the police show up and ask bystanders what happened they say, “The attacker came up saying he was going to kick the other guy’s ass with his fist clinch. Then other guy was crouched with his up telling the attacker to please leave him alone and he didn’t to fight. He appeared to be very scared. The poor guy even backed up, but the other guy kept coming saying he was going to kick his ass. Then the other struck the attacker several times, and once the guy stopped his attack, he stopped his. I mean what could that guy do but defend himself”. The attacker goes to the hospital, and then to jail.
The attacker could have backed off, but in this case he didn’t. He wanted an easy victim to feel like a man. If the attacker would have said, “this guy isn’t worth it”, this fight would never have happen would it? Most guys want to show how big and bad they are and their macho ego gets in the way of common scene.  Verbalize that you don’t want to fight, and please leave you alone will let everyone around you to know that the only reason I’m fighting is because he won’t back off, he is the aggressor. Appearance is very big to show who the bad guy is, and is not.
Along with appearance is what knife you carry for self-defense. I teach my students to carry regular looking buck, or utility knives that most Americans carry. If you have a blade on you that looks BAD ASS with TERMINATOR 3000 wrote on the blade, try to make an Officer, Judge, or Jury believe you didn’t intend to use it on a human. I carry a 3 inch lock blade utility knife. Why 3 inches? Because most States, and Federal Property will allow a blade up to 3 inches to be carried because they don’t see a knife that size as a threat. Most Police Officers don’t either.
I had a fellow officer tell me about how he and another officer approached a suspect. While try to get the suspect to leave he pulled a knife. The officer told me that he pulled his baton, and the other officer pulled his OC Spray. I asked him who pulled their firearm, and he said, “It was only a small knife, about 2-2 ½ inches”. We know with our skills we can still be a buzz saw of death with a blade at that length. I told my fellow officer I could cut him to ribbons, and he said, “Yea, but he does know what you know”. I said, “Are you willing to bet your life on it”? I take nothing for face value, and approach everyone as if they were the most dangerous criminal in the world. This has save my butt so many times.
So let’s do a fast recap;
  2. Appear Submissive but Be Aggressive.
  3. Carry a Non-Threatening looking blade.
Stick to these keys and you’ll come out on top when the Police show up, or in court if you are arrested. The law will be more on your side if you take my advice, but it all up to you.

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