Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do You Appear???

Have you ever watched the TV show COPS? Do you remember the police fighting with a suspect yelling, “STOP RESISTING! STOP RESISTING!!!” Do you know why police officers do this? It serves two purposes,
1. It gives the suspect the command to stop fighting and comply with police orders. 
2. To tell everyone around you that the only reason we’re doing what we’re doing is because of the suspects resisting.
Face it, if everyone did what the police said there be a dramatic drop in use of force. Of course you have those officers that can go into a Catholic Church, and get into a fight with the Priest and Nuns. However, I’m not talking about that kind of Officer, the by the book honest officer is what I’m talking about.
Police use their voice to give commands to suspect, and to inform the witnesses around them of what they’re doing is because of the suspects resisting. This is something you as martial artist and Combatives people need to do as well.
Think about it, you have the tough guy yelling at you saying he going to Kick Your Ass with his fists clich├ęd try to scare you into running. You stand your ground and say in a loud firm voice so bystanders many hear you, “Please, I don’t want to fight! Please leave me alone!” You do this with your hands up in front of you, hands open and palms facing to the tough guy. This will give you a submissive appearance while really being in an aggressive position. With your hands up palms facing your attacker might look submissive, but one quick close of your hands and you’re in a fighting position.
Continue to tell the attacker and everyone around you that you don’t want to fight, and please leave you alone. I’ll even lower my body to give me more of an appearance of being afraid and submissive. This really gives me a chance to lower my center of gravity, and to be able to springing forwards into my attacker surprising him. The attacker and the people around you see you as being scared, and submissive which is what you want. Go even as far as retreating backwards a few steps.
Once the Attacker is in range, explode on them with the most fierce, and brutal assault as you can. This will take the attacker by surprise because he saw you as a victim, but you really see him as your victim. When the police show up and ask bystanders what happened they say, “The attacker came up saying he was going to kick the other guy’s ass with his fist clinch. Then other guy was crouched with his up telling the attacker to please leave him alone and he didn’t to fight. He appeared to be very scared. The poor guy even backed up, but the other guy kept coming saying he was going to kick his ass. Then the other struck the attacker several times, and once the guy stopped his attack, he stopped his. I mean what could that guy do but defend himself”. The attacker goes to the hospital, and then to jail.
The attacker could have backed off, but in this case he didn’t. He wanted an easy victim to feel like a man. If the attacker would have said, “this guy isn’t worth it”, this fight would never have happen would it? Most guys want to show how big and bad they are and their macho ego gets in the way of common scene.  Verbalize that you don’t want to fight, and please leave you alone will let everyone around you to know that the only reason I’m fighting is because he won’t back off, he is the aggressor. Appearance is very big to show who the bad guy is, and is not.
Along with appearance is what knife you carry for self-defense. I teach my students to carry regular looking buck, or utility knives that most Americans carry. If you have a blade on you that looks BAD ASS with TERMINATOR 3000 wrote on the blade, try to make an Officer, Judge, or Jury believe you didn’t intend to use it on a human. I carry a 3 inch lock blade utility knife. Why 3 inches? Because most States, and Federal Property will allow a blade up to 3 inches to be carried because they don’t see a knife that size as a threat. Most Police Officers don’t either.
I had a fellow officer tell me about how he and another officer approached a suspect. While try to get the suspect to leave he pulled a knife. The officer told me that he pulled his baton, and the other officer pulled his OC Spray. I asked him who pulled their firearm, and he said, “It was only a small knife, about 2-2 ½ inches”. We know with our skills we can still be a buzz saw of death with a blade at that length. I told my fellow officer I could cut him to ribbons, and he said, “Yea, but he does know what you know”. I said, “Are you willing to bet your life on it”? I take nothing for face value, and approach everyone as if they were the most dangerous criminal in the world. This has save my butt so many times.
So let’s do a fast recap;
  2. Appear Submissive but Be Aggressive.
  3. Carry a Non-Threatening looking blade.
Stick to these keys and you’ll come out on top when the Police show up, or in court if you are arrested. The law will be more on your side if you take my advice, but it all up to you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fighting To Be the Top Dawg

People asked me why I don’t get involved with online communities and other social networking sites to promote myself very much. I told them I got sucked into that before, and it’s not really for me. I just want to put out my stuff to pass on the information that I have so others may learn from my teachings. I know everyone has their own way of doing things, and their own views of what works. From my years of the martial arts, barroom bouncing, and so on, I wanted to pass on what worked for me.
I quickly found so many people wanting to be the “All Around Supreme Grandmaster” where when they say something, everyone bows and that become truth from then on. I’ve put out some of my articles, and DVDs to share what I have. I had a lot of great and very positive feedback. However, there are a lot of people that went on the attack. I got phone calls that would disguise their voice and say, “You Suck” then hang up. I had to laugh and think to myself, “If I sucked so much, why did they disguise their voice”. If I think you suck, I wouldn’t even take the time to contact you. If I did, I would tell you my name, and would talk in my normal voice. I like this, “Hey you people that disguised your voice and hang up like a little wussy you are”. See, that’s how simple it is.
Have I seem system do things I didn’t like? Have I seem systems I don’t like? Well, yes on both questions. Do I feel they’re wrong, and their system sucks? Hell No, they have their way and I have my way of doing things. I respect their system as much as I respect any system. Just because they call their drills in their system by a different name doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. Just because they have traded information with other systems, doesn’t mean they stole the drill. They learned the drill from this person, and now they use it, big F’ing deal. The drills in my system can be found in other systems, and some can’t. Is this because I took it from that system, or is it a common drill that a lot of systems use? Well, a little of both is the straight out truth.
I’ve been asked to come to seminars to learn from the best Filipino Martial Arts or Silat teacher. Later I find out he’s been doing these art for half, or less than half the time I’ve been doing these arts. Then they will counter with, “Yea, but it was all with SO AND SO”. My answer is still, “You still haven’t been doing it as long as me”. This ticks them off royally, because they want to be the all knowing. They want to be the best, and the greatest which I don’t care about myself. I only care about sharing what I have.
I’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes. There is a good chance you’ve seen something I’ve had a part of, but you just didn’t know it. For the last few years I’ve been working to promote others, and other arts selfishly, and not myself. I’ve helped with webs sites, logos, seminars, and even other things. My goal is to be known as someone that loves the art, more than me.
I’ve had people attack my videos and instructors on Youtube, and send me hate email from a fake emails like this email is obviously fake, but these peoples’ emails are too. So they want to hide behind anonymous names, and fake emails. I’m sorry that these people have NO LIFE, and they have to bother others that do. However, this is all part of the fight to become TOP DAWG. Let me state this for the record, I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BEING THE TOP DAWG!!! I just want to share my stuff with those who wants it. If you don’t like what I do, then do look at it.
However, this is common with others than just me. Everyone seems they have to put others down to make themselves look better. I’ve had someone say, Well, SO AND SO disagrees with you”. I say, that fine, they have their opinion and I have a right to mine. They always come back with, “But it’s SO AND SO that said this”. I just smile and say, “That doesn’t mean they’re right”. You show see the look on their face. It’s as if I just said there is no God at a Baptist Revival.
I’ve even had people from Indonesia dislike my logo because the eagle is their national symbol. I try to explain that I use it to honor where my style comes from. Plus I’ve changed it to be more of my symbol, and not their national symbol, but they don’t care. As I’ve had Southeastern Martial Arts Master tell me when I asked how long would it be for me to become a master like them when I was young. Their response was, “For you White Boy, Never”.
Instead of us all fighting about who is TOP DAWG, or fighting to be TOP DAWG. Let’s support one another, and stop put each other down. We all have our views, and we all have how we do our system. We just need more respect for one another. I understand that we’re all fishing in a small pond, but there is no need to be rude. I’ll still be here to help other from behind the scenes, and I’ll still put out my articles, books, and DVDs. I’ll also support others and help in any way. I don’t want to be TOP DAWG. I just want to be the TOP HUSBAND, FATHER, GRANDFATHER, and PERSON I can be. As far as a Martial Arts Teacher, I just want to be the best Guru Jim as I can be. Still isn’t my job, this is my love.
It’s Simple; I don’t want to be TOP DAWG of FMA/Silat. I want to be the TOP GURU JIM!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cleveland Harimau Seminar

The Cleveland Harimau Seminar Coming Soon. This is a DVD of an impromptu seminar with a very high informational quality on the Fighting Harimau System as never seen before.

Learn Harimau from Guru Jim that has 35+ years in the Malay Arts. In this video you’ll learn basic postures and movements, Langkahs, basic kicks and strikes, combinations, drills, and more that lead to free fighting. This is very good information on Harimau. Just follow the link below to buy this DVD.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Victim to Warrior!!!

In the spring of 1998 when I was living in Cleveland, Ohio, I had a woman named Chris that saw my ad stating that I teach a street combat art. My ad said no traditional BS, just straight out defensive tactics. Yep, the same ad and the same system I was called nothing but a barroom brawler for teaching.
Chris told me that she wanted to learn how to fight because she works late shifts. She also has to walk to her car in a bad neighborhood. Later, I found out that she was a dancer at a local Men’s Club, the old Silver Fox on Scranton Ave. I nicknamed her peacock because she had a peacock tattooed on the calf of her leg, but she danced as Diamond. What she didn’t tell me is that she was living with a guy that was abusing her.
I teach men and women very different. I teach men Striking heavy art first because men are more likely to be struck and then grabbed. Where women are more likely to be grabbed, I start off teaching them hold breaks, grappling skills, and other ground fighting like Harimau. When I teach anyone it’s focused on the same thing no matter what. You must flow like water, and when an attack comes in, and then you must flow around it and find your counter because it’s always there.
She would train with me for hours learn to block, counter attack, strike, lock, takedown, harimau, and grappling. I taught her my Close Quarter Combat Skills, and she was a very good student, a natural with fighting. She went from fighting as we call it, like a wimp, to fighting like a trained fighter. She gave the term, “you fight like a girl” a whole new meaning. I taught her hold breaks from 98 different holds and from different angles. I taught her how to close using her fist, feet, elbows, knees, and to strike with every part of her body. I was amazed how fast she was able to pick up what I was teaching her.
What would normally take students months to learn, took Chris only a few weeks. I guess if you need something bad enough to keep yourself safe, you will learn to use it incredibly fast. Plus, she was training with me 4-5 days a week for 8 months. One day I got a call from her around class time, I thought she was calling off from class, but no she was scared. She told me that her boyfriend saw her car at the school I was training her in, and peaked in the window. He was angry to see her learning to fight.
They argued and he grabbed around her throat and began to choke her. She fell onto the couch then her head was on the floor, and her butt was on the couch pinned on the floor between the couch and coffee table upside down. She told me that as she felt herself begin to passing out. That’s when her training kicked in. Chris grabbed one of his arms, and put her leg around his throat getting him into an arm-bar. She arched her hips and dislocated his arm out of its socket.
He went to the hospital and the damage was even more than she knew. The arm-bar totally dislocated his arm, ripped his rotator cuff, and pulled every tendon in his arm. The doctor told him he would need multiple surgeries to correct his condition. She was afraid of being arrested for what she did. I went over and documented all of her injuries for a self-defense case just in case he wanted to file charges, and someone decided she needed to be arrested. Since I was a police officer she knew I would know what to do.
Well, the scum bag just told the doctor in the ER that he did it playing football, and not that he got beat up by his girlfriend. I told her I hope next time she wouldn’t wait so long before doing what I taught her. From that day on she stopped being a victim.
Matter of fact she was working at Bugsy Speak Easy when a bouncer was trying to throw an unruly customer out of the bar. That guy’s friend tried to hit the bouncer in the head with a beer bottle. Chris saw this and jumped into action. She was able to disarm the guy and very roughly throw the guy out of the bar. Then she came back and helped the bouncer with his guy. Everyone told the bouncer how Chris saved him, and from that day on she was jokingly called the Dancer/Bouncer. Chris wasn’t the stripper you would want to get out of line with.
The last time I saw Chris she was dancing at the Lido’s Longue in Cleveland. I hope the skills I taught her are still there, and protecting her. Later on I saw a movie called “Enough” with Jennifer Lopez and it because one of my favorites thanks to Chris.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It’s been a long time since I’ve post a new blog so here it goes.
The Poekoelan Community Social Site:
This year I’ve purchased a new software package for the Poekoelan Community site at I now have a site 100% owned by Poekoelan Tjimindie Stylist which should be easy right? Not by a long shot!!! When I had my Ning site I had an IT team to assist me to straighten out any and all problems, not anymore. I have me, and Geoff that is the IT staff as well as, what IT help we buy. I found owning a Social Site is a lot of work, and very time consuming.
I have a company making custom Add-ons for my site, and trying to give the best features that my member like about all of the sites like Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, and so on in one site. I’m looking to invest more money into this site to make some add-ons that I have ideas for. However, I don’t know if they can do what I want them too, but it’s worth a try. I’m looking to improve the video player, photo viewer, and other comfort features.
Then I’ll be adding onto the site a Community Store that will allow members to create stores so they can sale products to other members, and non-members. Once it’s in place, I’m hoping to open what I’m calling a Poekoelan Flix. This is where martial arts instructors can send me their instructional videos and have people rent them from the Poekoelan Community, and stream the video straight to their computer. This is how it’s going to go, 15 minute video will be $1.99, 30 minute video will be $2.99, and a 1 hour video will be $3.99. This will happen sometime next year hopefully if God is willing.
MFA Kuntao/Silat Level One DVD:
When I first made a Level One DVD Four Disc Box Set, I only meant this for my students, and not for public sale. After getting so many emails wanting to buy this DVD Box Set on the MFA Level One DVD, I’m making it open for public sale. That’s right, you have spoken, and I’ve heard you.
I’m in the studio reshooting the Level One material to improve the audio and video quality to get you the best product I can give you. The Level One DVD 4 Disc Box Set will have the following information:
1.       Basic Strikes from Panantukan, Pukulan, and Kuntao
2.       Basic Kicks
3.       Blocks
4.       Langkahs (Footwork)
5.       Cimande Jurus 1-20 with applications
6.       Latihans
a.       Hand Langkahs
b.      Foot Langkahs
c.       Elbow Langkah
d.      Drills
7.       Elbow Form (Kembong)
8.       Combinations (Kicking, Strike, Hand-Foot)
9.       Entries into Combinations
10.   And much more…

So be on the lookout for this 4 Disc DVD Box Set being released to the Public for the first time in 2012.

Guru Jim’s First Book – MFA Pangasinan Arnis (The Article, Teachings, & Rambles of Guru Jim) Vol. 1:

I should be finishing my first book next year sometime after many years of writing it. This book is on just the Filipino Martial Arts that my teacher Tuhon Tony Marcial taught me over the years. I have wrote about my own additions over the years of trading information with other Filipino Martial Artist, and my own additions which I have created out of my many years of experience.

I’ve taken a lot of my articles that I’ve already have out, and added more information to those article as well as new article that I wrote just for this book. This isn’t a book about the 12 Angles, or footwork like so many instructors has out. This is a book about Advance Drills, and Combative Techniques which take a totally different approach than any other book.
My book will be released as a paperback and in digital Kindle form which can be found on my web site, or After this book comes out I’m planning on publishing a Level 1 Student Manuel to assist with students learning from the DVD. So be on the Watch out for these books.


Well, I have much more planned for 2012, and I’ll be hard at work to keep bring you the very best in the Malay Fighting Arts. You keep watching, and I’ll keep producing them. Thank you for your time in reading this Blog.  


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man I’ve Been Busy!!!

Hello to everyone that reads my blog. This has been a very busy month so far, and a lot has happened with my Distant Academy, Testing Mas Geoff for his higher degree, finishing my book, and computer problems. However, I’m over coming it all and making head way.


First, a friend of mine has been having problems with his serve, and I lost my MFA Distant Academy. However, I have my new Distant Academy up and running on a new serve at I’ve lost some of my videos due to poor planning on my part. However, I’m redoing those videos, and putting more videos in each section for a better understanding of what’s going on each section. I depend on feedback from each student so I can post more videos of each section so students after you can see and get an even better understanding.

I’ve almost got the whole Yellow Belt in place and starting to work on the Green Belt section. I’m also taping video for the Distant Academy’s new class on Harimau Poekoelan Silat section. This is an A-Z “Instructor Certification” of Harimau Poekoelan Silat. We are also going to be release a Pangasinan Arnis section to certify people in the Filipino Martial Arts as well. Finally, we are going to be placing a Poekoelan Tjimindie section on the site so people can learn Poekoelan Tjimindie. Each item is only $15/Month per class. This is a great deal to be certified under an instructor that’s been doing these arts longer than most of these instructors’ been alive.

I was in Oregon a couple of weeks ago testing Mas Geoff for his 3rd. Black Belt. Mas Geoff underwent a 48 hour test that tested his knowledge of Poekoelan, Poekoelan History, his ability to perform each Langkah, and his ability to use the system. Mas Geoff did a lot of high energy forms, and sparring back to back. I limited him to want animal he could fight with, but his opponents had no restrictions. Mas Geoff did in fact suffer an eye injury during his night walk. This is where you walk along a path and have to fight many different fights along the way. Mas Geoff’s eye injury wasn’t so serious that he couldn’t continue.

Mas Geoff was deprived of sleep except for four hour on the last day of his test. In the end Mas Geoff was award his 3rd. Degree Black Belt by me during the closing ceremonies. Mas Geoff’s hard work is a testament to him and his training. I also want to add that Mas Geoff’s students were very impressive to watch. I was very grateful that I was ask to come out to Oregon and test Mas Geoff, and I look forward to going back to his school.


Yes it’s true everyone, my first book (Malay Fighting Arts – The Articles, Teachings, & Ramblings of Guru Jim” is always done. This book should be out hopefully by Christmas 2011. My first book is on Filipino Martial Arts. I just took my final pictures to finish the actual work on the book’s creation, and now it’s off to my editor. After we get done editing this book then I have to make sure the picture have the correction resolution for the final format.

This book as taken me almost 2 years to write and it’s been a true labor of love. I just hope everyone that buys this book will get a lot of out of it. This is not a basic book, or the typical 12 angles book. This is a full out drills, and techniques book that pulls no punches. I use my terms, and not the terms that everyone and their brother uses.

This book is on how I was taught, and how I teach the arts to others based on realistic defensive situation I’ve been in. I tell it as I lived it, and I have one hell of a perspective from Bar Bouncing, being a Bounty Hunter, a Correctional Officer, a Combat Veteran, and a Police Officer. These are the skills that helped me develop my fighting system to defend myself from some very dangerous criminals.


Is the above statement true or what??? On top of everything happening to me, my computer won’t turn on. My desktop is fried as far as I know and I have to get it in the shop quick, fast, and in a hurry. However, I do have a backup and it’s called my laptop. This is allowing me to finish my book since my book is on a USB Port, and my videos are on an external hard drive.

Yes folks, I have backed up a lot of my stuff, but there is a lot of stuff I didn’t. So because of that I have to redo it. However, I broke out my trusty old laptop, and it’s serving it purpose. It might be old, and it might be slow, but it works damn it. I guess that the same thing my wife can say about me.

However, I don’t see any problems with the academy and no delays on loading up videos once they are shot. I can transfer them straight to my laptop, and then to the Distant Academy. As I said, I’m over coming it all and making head way.


On top of all of this, I’m once again a grandfather. My daughter once again gave birth to my granddaughter Jaymee. On July 6, 2011 my granddaughter Jaymee was born at the Olathe Hospital. I was a pround grandfather the first time I became a grandparent and I’m once again a very proud grandfather.

Well, take care, and see on my next posting.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Open Challenge to Poekoelan!!!

I have an open CHALLENGE to all Poekoelaners out there!!! I challenge people like Dick Kulge, Bill Doubich, Barbara Niggle, Eugene “Peanut” Tuffs, Gale Shotzinger, and anyone reading this that does Poekoelan to the toughest battle of their lives. I challenge you to fight your own pride, and chest pounding. To fight against keeping the family feud from going on. I challenge you to make a new path for our art. We still worry about who beat whom back in the day. Let me tell you this, I HAVE BEATEN CHAMPS, AND I HAVE BEEN BEATEN BY CHUMPS! The one that won was only the better person at that moment in time.

Fight against deeming Roy or Willy an evil person. Fighting against saying an entire lineage is no good based on whom they learned their skills from. The lineage that is no good is the one that has a lot of hate in it. However, you can redeem your lineage by ending that hate. I would love to say that my teach was unbeatable, but let’s get real. Every man is beatable, even Great Grandmaster William J.C. Wetzel. WOW, listen to everyone gasp in disbelief. How do I know Willy was beatable, easy, he was a prisoner of war in Indonesia. They had to get him there somehow, and the Japanese found out what it would take to put him there.

I challenge every Poekoelaner to put away their hate for whomever, and move forwards into a new future. One where we can all learn from one another, and learn all that Willy taught. Myself, I never really heard of Poekoelan Sera, or Poekoelan Tjialong before, and I would love to these arts in action. Willy taught different thing at different times. For example, Gale Shotzinger’s students may never have learned Langkah Satu, Dua, and Tiga because Willy and Goeroe Peanuts haven’t developed them yet. Bill Doubich teaches these Langkahs, but not Umpat and Lima. However, Barbara Niggle teaches them because she was learning these Langkahs after Willy, and Peanuts developed them.

Just because one person doesn’t know this or that doesn’t invalidate their skill. It just means they or their teacher were trained during different times. This is where we all come together all learn every that Willy taught over the years. This way we all can learn, and we all can have everything.

I challenge the Poekoelan Community to put this broken family system, and lineage back together again. I challenge the Poekoelan Community to become one family without saying one person’s lineage is wrong, or an art of demon. I challenge the Poekoelan Community to value everything thing every instructors have. I challenge you, and are you Man/Woman enough to accept this challenge???